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Caught a cold !!

It really was a perfect day : track is totally dry, weather is not too cold and there are no sessions. It will be a perfect day for improving my skills. I quickly find back my references point of last time, and, after a few warm up laps, I steadily run under 1'13. I exit the track to have a break, and, just near my car, there is the official Kawasaki France team with its endurance superbike ZX10-R and pilot Gwen Giabbani (who finished 3rd in Le Mans 2005). I was the second faster today, but the gap with the first one was really impressive, I caught a cold every time he overtook me. Here can we see all the improvement we still have to do. So, session goes on, I have a little ride in gravel trap, a little touch with a guy, without falling...he was not happy because he damaged his fairing, but he completly cut my line, and I did my best to avoid him, so, sorry guy but it was your fault.

In the last part of the afternoon I improved again and again, steadily in 1'12''XX, and five time I run 1'11''XX, with a 1'11'82 record. I quite glad of that lap time, but I feel I still can improve a lot. I'm impatient to come back.