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Travel tips

You are about to go for a week-end or several weeks, but still wonder about many things : what is the pre-travel checklist, what to take with, where can I find the right accomodation. Choose your column and let's go !!

Get the bike ready
Get the bike ready

Here are described the different bike accessories necessary for a long trip (luggages), and the required before-start servicing.

What to carry ??
Quoi emmener

An useful checklist in order to not forget anything important before you go. Here is also available an example of what i carried during my Scandinavian adventure.

A good travel plan

How to build a perfect roadbook.

Accomodations and bookings
Hébergements et autres réservations

Where can I sleep, how can I find the right accomodation? What is the best way to book a ferrie? Here are the solutions.


Other tips about insurances, administrative documents...