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Preparing the bike

In order to turn a classical road bike to a racing bike, it might be necessary to complete some of the following steps. These steps are enough if you don't want to do competition and just wish to light and protect your bike as much as possible.

Later, if you want to start real racing, you will have to complete additional modifications, in order that your bike fits the technical regulations.


Suzuki GSX-R 600 SRAD version route

Light the bike

Before starting anything complicated, let's remove all parts which are not necessary on a racetrack : side stand, lights, mirrors, turning signals, passenger footrests...

Brake hoses

Use racing stainless brake hoses in order to have an optimate feeling.

Change fork oil

I changed fork oil. Former 10W was replaced by 15 W. I did it because I don't have all settings on my fork. With a fully adjustable fork, keep 10W, which is more stable under temperature variations.

Use a polyester fairing

Carénage polyester

Only positive points : lighter, cheaper, easier to repair, and fitting racing regulation with oil container. You can find some on Poly26 website.

Change tank

Réservoir neuf

After saving original fairing, that would be sad to destroy the original painting of the tank. Let's find a second-hand one on E-bay, for 100 E.

Protect the frame

Protection cadre

Same problem...better to protect frame from gravel projection (I mean gravel from gravel trap of course !!) They are usually made by polyester fairings manufacturers. Mine was bought on poly 26. Installation procedure is described on the servicing operation page : frame protectors set up.

Protect the muffer

Protection silencieux

Here is an easy and simple way to protect your muffer. You just need 2 serflex and two little gardening pipe sections. And you're done !

Install an on-board timer


The automatic chronometric system alfano are amazing, but a bit expensive in a first time So, I created my own on-board timer with a basical sport timer, controlled by the pass button situated on the handlebar. Everything is explained on the page : on-board timer.


Suzuki GSX-R 600 Piste