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Engine oil

In order to make oil replacement easier, start the engine and let it run 5 mins, oil will be a bit more fluid. Then remove fairing to access to drain plug.

Moto carénage déposé

Open filler cap to make oil flow easier. Put a container under engine - be careful, under pressure oil can go further than foreseen. Remove drain plug, take care about your hand (oil is warm), and be sure drain plug won't fall in used oil container. Now oil is flowing.

Moto en cours de vidange

You can start removing oil filter with dedicated tool. You might have problem, for example if filter was too much tighten last time. In that case, there is a solution : put a screwdriver through the filter and loosen !!

retrait du filtre à huile

Once there is no oil flowing, install new oil filter. Don't forget to put some oil on its gasket.

Filtre à huile neuf

I usually tighten oil filter as much as I can with hands, and then do 1/4 turn with tool. Then reinstall drain plug with a new washer, and tighten at the right torque. Then pour fresh oil through the oil filler, to the max level.

Remplissage de l'huile

Reinstall filler cap, and start engine. Check that oil pressure alarm turns off after 4-5 seconds, and let the engine run for few minutes. Then stop it and adjust oil level to the max. Close filler cap, and reinstall fairing if needed.