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Small country situated in the heart of Alps, here shall you enjoy quality of roads and landscapes. You can cross the country going from one pass to another, without ever get bored. Respect local quiteness and everything will be right.


Motorcycling in Swiss

Roads interest

Passes, mountain roads, curves...what more do you need ?

Road surface quality

It's perfect, even on the high altitude roads which could suffer from cold.


Simply amazing. Mountain is everywhere, and lakes make it even more beautiful.

General atmosphere / safety

Conform to its reputation. You can let your bike without worrying.

Car drivers behaviour

Calm and careful...Sometimes a bit too much. Just take care of the 'righter of wrong' wishes of some, who would like you to drive the way they consider as correct.

Speed controls

Take care in cities and straight lines...I also saw police stop a bike in a pass, but I don't know if it was for speed.


If your are from European union, passport or identity card are enough.

Prices example

It's not as expensive as we could believe .

Road maps

Michelin n°729

Weather statistics

Some weather statistics of the country

Geneva Zurich

Speed limits

City Road Highway

A few pictures

Col du Furka Julierpass
Environs de St Moritz Berninapass au dessus de St Moritz


Biking roads

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You can rank roads according to your own criterias. Change the weight of eahh mark as you wish :

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22 biking roads available.

Road Length Mark Photos Zoom
Passo della Novena 37.5 km 4.4/5
Albula Pass (2305 m) 35 km 3.9/5
Col du Gottard - Vieille route 24.1 km 3.8/5
Davos (CH) - Bormio (IT) 99.4 km 3.7/5
Klausenpass 60.8 km 3.7/5
Bernina pass (2328m) 27.6 km 3.5/5
Furkapass (2436 m) 37.1 km 3.5/5
Passo del Lucomagno 48 km 3.5/5
Rocher de Granges 22.3 km 3.5/5
Julierpass (2284m) 41.2 km 3.4/5
Oberalp pass (2044 m) 30.7 km 3.3/5
Gurnigel 29.7 km 3.3/5
Simplon pass (2005 m) 47.7 km 3.2/5
Jaunpass 15.4 km 3.2/5
La Furkastrasse 37.3 km 3.1/5
Col des Mosses 32 km 3.1/5
Forclaz pass(1527 m) 20.2 km 3/5
Pillon pass (1546 m) - Les Diablerets 20.2 km 3/5
Col de la Croix 26.5 km 3/5
Les Pontins - Mt Crosin 20.8 km 2.9/5

3 biking accomodations published.

Accomodation Type Mark Photos Zoom
Hotel galenstock Hotel 4.2/5
Waldegg Hotel 4/5
Hotel Aletsch Hotel 2.7/5

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