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Situated in the middle of the Scandinavian peninsula, Sweden is a country of forests, with a few mountains on the north and along Norvegian border. Its lack of relief makes it a bit boring for motorcycling, despite the cultural interest of its cities.


Motorcycling in Sweden

Roads interest

It's a bit too straight, and consequently boring. Riding near western border could be a good idea.

Road surface quality

Perfect, no problem !!


Nature is the boss !! Nice, but a bit uniform....

General atmosphere / safety

Scandinavia = no problem, let your stress home ;-) .

Car drivers behaviour

Calm and respectful. Act the same way and you'll enjoy your ride.

Speed controls

There are many automatic speed checks, but located an intellignent way (for example near a dangerous crossing). I think there must be manned controls too, but I did personnaly not notice some !


If your are from European union, passport or identity card are enough.

Prices example

Road maps

Michelin n°711

Weather statistics

Some weather statistics of the country

Stockholm Goteborg

Speed limits

City Road Highway


Your opinion

There is 1 opinions.

Author marks : Thomas

General mark : 2.7/5

Roads interest : 2/5

Surfacing : 4/5

Landscapes : 2/5

Car drivers : 4/5

Safety : 4/5

Speed controls : 2/5

Name : Erico

Date : december 11th 2008

General mark : 2.7/5

Roads interest : 3/5

Surfacing : 1/5

Landscapes : 4/5

Car drivers : 2/5

Safety : 2/5

Speed controls : 1/5

je vis en suede , je suis motard , faire gaffe au animaux qui traversent la chaussee , les nids de poules (parfois tres profonds) , dans le nord , les gens n utilisent pas leur clignotant pour doubler , je conseil un appel de phare avant de doubler. et il faut sortir des grand axe sinon on voit rien de la suede.