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Pays Bas

Maybe the only motorcycling road in this country is Assen circuit...You should go there more for the beauty of Amsterdam, the magic of some coastal landscapes and the openmindness of its inhabitants !!


Motorcycling in Pays Bas

Roads interest

With an average altitude equal to 3.5 m, don't hope miracles...flat straight and boring.

Road surface quality

Very good, even on really secondary roads.


Dutch country has some charm : wind mills, flowers...and Amsterdam is an enchanting city like no other.

General atmosphere / safety

Atmosphere is really relaxing, without stress and shouting. Respect of the others is an important thing there. Considering safety, i think risk is lower than european average.

Car drivers behaviour

Calm and respectful, that's a paradise.

Speed controls

Excepted around big cities, I did not notice some.


If your are from European union, passport or identity card are enough.

Prices example

Road maps

Michelin n°715

Weather statistics

Some weather statistics of the country


Speed limits

City Road Highway

A few pictures

Afsluitdijk Amsterdam


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1 biking roads available.

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Afsluitdijk 30.2 km 1.9/5

1 biking accomodations published.

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Oranje zon Camping 2.8/5

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