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Italy of passion, of Ducati, Valentino Rossi....It 's full of cultural places of interest (Tuscany, Roma, Sicily, Venice) and magical landscapes (Tuscany, Dolomites), which make it a first level motorcycling destination.


Motorcycling in Italy

Roads interest

Country is full of motorcycling roads, as much in the Dolomites than in Tuscany. Search a little and you'll find some funny places to ride.

Road surface quality

It is very good in the north.


Just like in France, they are often very beautiful, and very different from one region to another. I really appreciated Dolomites and its amazing cliffs, Tuscany is really wonderful.

General atmosphere / safety

Ma, it is a bit more 'olé' than anywhere else. You like or you don't, for me it's funny for a few days during holidays. Considering safety, Dolomites are like other areas of the Alps, Tuscany is standard, but I'm not sure I would let my motorcycle in the street at night in Napoli.

Car drivers behaviour

Standard in north...They are pretty good drivers, and don't feel like righters of wrongs.I heard that in south, road rules are just here as 'informations' : 'it would be better to' ...Even in center, you'll discover new concepts like 'Stop priority'.

Speed controls

It's full of automatic speed boxes, on highway, and in every village, as much as I wonder if some are not empty. Anyway, take care !!


If your are from European union, passport or identity card are enough.

Prices example

Road maps

Michelin n°735

Weather statistics

Some weather statistics of the country

Rome Milan
Naples Palerme

Speed limits

City Road Highway

A few pictures

Col du Stelvio Dolomites
Pise, la tour penchée Paysage Toscan


Biking roads

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19 biking roads available.

Road Length Mark Photos Zoom
Col du Petit Saint Bernard 60.4 km 4.1/5
Passo di Sella (2244 m) 16.2 km 4/5
Les Dolomites 77.6 km 4/5
Breuil Cervinia 30.4 km 4/5
Entre deux lacs (Italie) 67.7 km 3.9/5
Gavia Pass - Col de Gavia 44 km 3.9/5
Cinque terre 121.7 km 3.9/5
Passo di Fedala (2057 m) 27.7 km 3.8/5
Vignoble d'Asti 63.1 km 3.8/5
Dolomites : Bolzano - Cortina 75.5 km 3.6/5
Jaufenpass 33.9 km 3.6/5
Stelvio pass 33.7 km 3.5/5
La piste du col de la Finestre 57.7 km 3.5/5
Passo Staller 36.9 km 3.5/5
Monte Zoncolan 21.3 km 3.5/5
Appenins mountains and Pisa 96.7 km 3.4/5
Côte Amalfitaine 88.3 km 3.4/5
Passo spluga 37.9 km 3.3/5
Sienna - Firenze through Chianti 53.8 km 3.1/5

4 biking accomodations published.

Accomodation Type Mark Photos Zoom
Gerace Camping 4.1/5
Frutti di Bosco Bed and breakfast 4/5
Camping Badlerhof Camping 3.6/5
Camping alla baita Camping 3/5

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