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I'm back to Carole during the week : nobody and dry track, great, seems day will be funny. For the first time, i'll use a kind of automatic chronometric system based on a brand new 1999 palm. It does the same things than an Alfano, but it costs 10 E on e-bay instead of 240 E. It works, I just have to improve one or two details in order to really get all sections, but principle is OK, and I am proud to present you the results of my riding afternoon.

roulage carole, séance du 22/02/2007
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First, I rode a lot (and in fact even more- I had a failure on chrono, i did in fact 104 laps). Day and overall record is : 1'10"32. I followed a very fast guy, it helps you improving your riding immediately. Then I worked endurance, to be constant beetween 1'11 and 1'12, and it was pretty well!