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33° for today....It begins to be a bit too hot for r_engiding. You are sweating in your suit, believe me !! But today there is no sessions, you ride as much as you want, and that's great.

First laps are really difficult due to my bad physical condition. I quickly stop to have a drink and then come back. Once you have the right rhythm, you feel a bit better. I open the forearms of the suit, and now that's really OK. I do often 1'15, and reach one record at 1'14''58. So, one more lap, but I loose the rear wheel in the parabolic curve. I can stay on the bike, but it goes straight to the gravel trap, at 150 km/h. Maybe could I correct the line, but I'm not sure that I will not fall a bit later in a less secured let's go to gravel trap and we'll see. Maybe shall I stay on the wheels. The answer !!

No problem for the bike, I have a bit warmed my shoulder through the suit, but no big problem !! Anyway, I'm over for today.

Thanks god our photograph was here, and you can see some pictures.

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