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6 Aout / Drumnadrochit - Gruinard bay: 413 km

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Before to go north towards the desert highlands, I go to have a look to the famous Loch Ness. It's bit disappointing, because this lake is very similar to others, and, there monster !! Did people lie to me ?? Only the ruins of Urqhart Castle are worth going there.

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Urqhart Castle

Let's go to see if true Highlands are a bit more interesting.! There is no roadsigns, I get lost and do 30 more useless kilometers in a wet forest before to reach the main road on the west of Inverness. I do a picture of the sea between Black Island and the main land, and then go on secondary road. Destination : top north of Great Britain.

Photo 2

Black Island

Here we enter another world. The outskirts of Inverness were still with population and trees; now the landscapes I cross are totally desert.

Photo 3

Moutain without trees

But full of water....

Photo 4

Dornoch Firth

I have a chat with a french guy living in London near this panorama. He's back from Lairg - Tongue road, and tell me it's a really nice ride. Let's go to check, just after doing this panoramic picture.

Photo 5

Panorama of Dornoch Firth

I reach Lairg city, do a few shopping there and then go to this famous road. Here I discover a 100 % Scottish concept : the 'single track road'. That's simple, it's a main road (with coaches, trucks and no other way possible) with only one track, and passing places every 50 meters. It works perfectly in Scotland, gentlemen drivers always want to be the first to stop to let the other go. Slow drivers also stop to being overtaken. But I let you imagine such a concept in a Latin country. Anyway, despite Scottish courtesy, do not hope to ride faster than 45 km/h in average.

But that's great, because I have plenty of time to do some pictures, inside the land...

Photo 6

Motorcycle in Highlands

Photo 7

Nothing, really nothing !

...or near seaside.

Photo 8

Loch Loyal

Here are some of these famous passing places of the 'single track road' : it's sometimes better to not cross a truck there.

Photo 9

Passing place on a single track road

Photo 10

Loch Craggie

I reach Tongue, and do a picture on the dyke of this mini 'fjord'.

Photo 11

Panorama of Kyle of Tongue

Still some mountains...

Photo 12

Moutain after Tongue Bay

And I face this peninsula around Heilam on which there is only one house.

Photo 13

Heilam : fisherman\'s house

Sympathic, isn't it !

Photo 14

Heilam : fisherman\'s house - Panorama

The road goes around the bay, and then leads me to Chailgeag Beach (with Scottish accent please !! ).

Photo 15

Panorama of Chailgeag Beach

I arrive in Durness. Coast is really beautiful, wild, full of birds...and sheep.

Photo 16

Sheeps around Durness

I let Cape Wrath on the right : you can only go there with ferries.

Photo 17

Highlander \'s bike !!

And I go on the west coast road, a very famous tourist road. She crosses some totally desert places, even more than when going north.

Photo 18

Highlands landscapes

Photo 19

Finally a few houses

Photo 20

Grassy mountains

Here is Kylescu Bridge, on the left.

Photo 21

Lonesome bridge

Photo 22

Mountains around Kylescu Bridge

And Ardvreck castle...but there is almost nothing left !

Photo 23

Ardvreck castle

I approach Ullapool, the only city crossed since a long time ago. From here start Ferries to Hebrides (Lewis and Harris islands).

Photo 24

Ferrie Ulapool - Stornoway

Last look at Loch Broom.

Photo 25

Loch Broom

I have a stop at Gruinard Bay. Parking is on the right, so when I leave it I ride a few meters on the right side of the road, and wake up just before a blind curve. Yellow card, it's time to stop for today.

Photo 26

Gruinard Bay

I will stay in the sympatic Gruinard bay camping. Tent is facing the sea, campsite almost empty...great ! It's just a bit cold, but it was foreseen, no ??

Photo 27

Camping of Gruinard Bay