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Lift your bike

Here you'll find a few informations that can help you for many maintenance operations, especially the ones where you have to remove front wheel. Take care about it if you don't want to see your bike laying on the ground.

Let's start with rear wheel. Either you have a central stand, and problem is solved, or you don't have. In that case, the best solution is to buy a rear stand. It may be really helpful just for oiling the chain, and it only costs 50 E. In order to have more stability, it's better to choose a model with some elements screwing in the swinging arm.

Bequille arrière de moto

For the front, I chosed to put a wide wood wedge under the engine if you remove fork, or just under fork if you only remove wheel. I just bought a pine plank that I cut, and I nailed. Believe me, it's perfect !

I use a jack to lift the bike before putting the wedge under the bike. Une another little plank to not do any mark on the engine with the jack.

Cric sous la moto

And then, install the wedge under the engine. If you have a central stand, and anybody to help you, just ask him to lift the front by pushing on the back.

Levage de l'avant d'une moto

And now, you are ready to start real work.