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Repair a fairing

Just like on every operation page, I propose to begin with first step : break the fairing. It's not complicated, you just have to let the bike fall, like that : plaf !

Et hop, un carénage pété

And now we have a big crack. Great! Let's repair it.

Carénage moto fêlé

Remove the part and clean it. We'll have to clear the 3 following steps : glue, reinforce and use putty to have a good surfacing.

Concerning gluing, put some glue on the two sides. I used for gluing my fairing two kinds of glue. A very fast one (cyanolit type) for avoiding holding the parts during an hour and a strong but flexible one in order to prevent vibrations damages. I applied in alternance a few of each kind of glue, and the I hold the two parts in contact during 30 s. It's glued, but we feel that reliability is not amazing.

Let's reinforce it with fiber and resin.

Fibre et résine pour réparer un carénage

Of course inside the fairing, in an invisible area. Prepare resin, and cut two or three parts of fiber of the appropriate size. Put some resin on the first one and apply it. Wait 2 minutes and do the same with second and third.

So, now we've got a resistant repair. But on the outside, there is still some flaws, and we can't paint without improving it. The solution is putty.

Mastiquage d'un carénage de moto

Prepare it just like indicated on user's instructions. Apply it on the fairing with a spatula, and then egalize level using first 600 glasspaper, and 1000 for finish. Sometimes you have to repeat that operation two or three times (or more) to have a good surfacing. It must be totally smooth before painting.

Then you'll have to paint, an 'operation page' is on preparation.

carénage réparé après peinture

And here is the result after painting. Perfectionnist will see that we can still see some flaws...i should have used more glass paper !!!)