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Shock absorber

It is clear that shock absorber is not the most reliable part of a motorcycle...and I don't have to complain, I only had to change mine after 113 000 km. I heard that on some bikes, it is out only after 20 000 !! Here are a few explanation to replace that element. Then you will have to set it up, using suspensions settings page. I choosed a top level shock absorber, made by Ohlins, for its manufacturing quality, available settings (so great to set preload without any tool), reliability...but not for its price!! Here it is :

Amortisseur ohlins pour cbr 1100 XX

Mounting is quite simple. You have to remove the original part; first step is to have a clear access to his fixation points. For upper one, remove saddle and fuel tank.

L'amortisseur d'origine : ancrage haut

And for lower one, left exhaust pipe to easily access it with a tool. I had too to remove back fender, rear wheel and back fairing to install preload command.

L'amortisseur d'origine : ancrage bas

Then you just have to untighten screws.

Démontage de l'élément d'origine

And remove old one. We are ready to install new one.

Les deux amortisseurs

We install it, and tighten its screws at specified torque. It's better to put some grease on axis before. Then we install compression element and preload command, taking care of hoses.

Le ohlins mis en place

And here is it, in the right place.

Vue arrière du ohlins

Let's reinstall rear fairing, wheel, fender and fuel tank. A pre setting has been made, it's a good basis. For final adjustement, go there.