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Paddock equipement

In addition to your personal equipement, you'll also have to buy some paddock devices. Here is a review :

Rear stand

Bequille arrière

In most cases, racing bikes don't have their stands (it's mandatory to take it off for races). So, it is necessary to have something to hold the bike. Moreover, it will be really helpful as soon as you want to oil chain, change bracket, or remove the wheel.

Front stand

Bequille avant de moto

It's really helpful if you want to remove front wheel or fork, in order to do some maintenance (fork oil, fork seals), adjust the settings on some bikes, or simply use tire warmers. Only the models holding the bike under the steering axis allow to disassemble the fork.

Tire warmers

Couvertures chauffantes

Totally useless for training, absolutely necessary for racing. One warm up lap is not enough to have your tires at the right temperature, and first corner could turn to hell.


jerrican pour moto

I think you understood its purpose. If you have no other choice than put it in car, it's better to have it in a plastic bag, if some fuel would leak. And, in order to fill the bike, use these small hand pumps (cost < 5 E) designed for filling home petrol warmers. With it, you considerably decrease the risk of throwing some fuel on hot exhausts, if you see what I mean.


remorque erde PM 310

You can insure your bike and bring it to circuit by driving (not good for racing tires), or you can also buy a small van...But, in most cases, you'll have to get a trailer. There are many models, choose according to your needs (weight of bike, number of bikes to carry, distance to circuit, possibilities of parking in your home). I choosed the ERDE PM 310 (french brand), because of its low height, which makes handling easier. The only negative point is that wheels are a bit small.



In order to attach bike on trailer, you need...straps! Choose a model with hooks, operations will be easier. Be careful, some 'robbers' sell such straps for more than 17 E. You can find some in discount shops for not more than 3 E 50.


pompe a pied

For sure you will need to adjust tire pressure in paddock. Use such a bicycle pump, it is perfectly adapted.