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West coast

August 10th / Dunglow - Leenane : 427 km

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The sun rises...and I wake up ! Breakfast, a little chat with a Dutch rider spending two weeks around here and I go. Here are Dunglow outskirts :

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Around Dunglow

I stop in a gas station, fill my tank and buy some food (that's great, you a have real food shops in gas stations), and meet again my dutch friend who was riding the other way. I chat with him a little again, and go towards Glengesh pass.

Photo 2

Glengesh pass

Off the main roads, this pass is probably one of the most charming places I saw in Ireland (but I am sure that I missed a lot of others due to bad weather).

Photo 3

Glengesh pass

Photo 4

Glengesh pass

And I suddenly face the sea.

Photo 5

Ocean near Largy

I approach Slieve league cliffs. They are told to be amazing, unfortunately, there is no point of view close from the road, and i don't imagine myself walking long with helmet and boots and so on.

And it was a good idea to not go there, because it begins to rain. I wanted to go to see Achill Island, classical site of western Ireland. Despite bad weather, I decide to go there, and as soon as I approach the island, rain stops. We access it using a ford, and I discover a magnificent place, symbolizing the strong Irish nature. The coast is wild :

Photo 6

Achill Island, Doogort beach

Doogort church seems to be lost.

Photo 7

Achill Island, Doogort church

But the most frightening place is Slievemore deserted village. Its inhabitants left it in the middle of the 19th century to escape potato disease. It seems there is still ghosts here, on the foot of this huge dark mountain. Brrr !

Photo 8

Achill Island, Slievemore deserted village

Well, it's time to come back in real world, towards Connemara. There, it begins to rain again...So I hurry up to find a camping and finally arrive in an hostel (SleepZone) proposing tents pitches near Killary Harbour, the 'Irish fjord'.

Photo 9

Camping near Killary Harbour

Palace is welcoming, I can do my cooking in the guests's just sad a group of teenager decides to come to chat near my tent in midnight.