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What to carry ?

It's essential, when you go for a long ride, to not forget anything that could help you in usual or unforeseen situation. For example, here is the check list I used for my north cape trip, you can tune it to your needs.


Sleeping devices

If you sleep in hotels, no need to carry anything...but if you sleep in campings, long is the list : tent, sleeping bag, pillow, airbed, lamp....

A little tip for the lamp, try to find a neon one, and attach it on the top of the tent :it will provide good light !



You need your classical riding equipement (helmet jacket gloves...), rain suit (maybe with gloves and boots rain protections), some clothes to be protected if temperature turns low (warm underwear, winter gloves- to adjust according to the foreseen trip), and some clothes to feel comfortable in the evening. Make sure you don't forget everything you need for shower and washing!!



Just like for accomodation : if you go to restaurant, no need to carry anything. Either, you 'll need a stove, saucepan, plates...Concerning the food, it's each to his own : pastes, rice, soup, fruits.

For the bike

Servicing your bike on the road

Don't for get the on-board set . Then, according to the trip lenght, you can need chain grease, motor oil, fuses....Never forget tubeless kit anyway !


Others for bike trip

Really various : maps, photo camera, cell phone charger...