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Accomodations and bookings

How to find the right accomodation, a ferrie. Everything's explained here.



It's the basic solution. Light travel, sleeping in beautiful beds, you just need to book on time and to have the right budget. The perfect solution to stay on the same place for few days and do trips around. To find one, use internet, touristic guides, travel agencies. As much as you can, try to find one where you can park your bike in safety.

Bed and breakfasts

Bed and breakfast

The other solution for light travel. More funny and less expensive in most cases. Location are often wonderful, in authentic areas. Moreover, you'll have a safe place for your bike in many cases (private houses). For France, visit gites de France. For other countries, use google, Bed and Breakfast + country name and you'll get thousands of offers.


camping in Norway

My favourite, for many reasons : low cost (5 times less expensive), and especially the freedom it provides. You can stop when you want, without having to book.

I usually use Michelin maps to find them. Just be careful with summer overpopulated ones in some touristic regions !!


Ferries search engine Belvedair

Just one adress : ferries search engine belvedair . You just click on the map on the journey you want to book, then will appear links to booking pages of all companies providing the service. Just compare and choose, that's all !!