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Luggages- 12 V Plug- Settings- Service

Get the bike ready

Or how to have a perfect motorcycle for travelling !!


A motorbike with its luggages

Here are the solutions to carry all your travel suplly.

Tank bag

Tank bag

Seems essential. Magnetic or bagster system, both choices are possible. Mine is done : no magnetic one. Some pebble can remain on it, you put it on your tank, and bye bye beautiful painting. The bagster system moreover ensures a reliable fixing.

Top case

Top Case

Just summarize it in one sentence 'It's as ugly as useful'. Waterproof, locked with a key, well fixed....only practical advantages.

Side cases

Side cases

Here you have too two solutions. Classical luggage, which advantages are price and that it doesn't require any dedicated fixing structure. I personnaly chose side cases. Same qualities than top cases; once structure is one the bike, you just need two seconds in the morning to set it up on the bike, and you'll spend all day without worrying about luggages burning on exhaust.


Backpack fixed on the saddle of a bike

I don't like backpacks. Disturbing when riding and dangerous when falling. If you travel on your own, you can strap one on passenger seat. If you anyway decide to carry a backpack, never put any hard devices in it, dangerous for your vertebral spin.

12 V plug

A 12 V plug on your bike

Can be really useful for long travels, for charging cell phone, photocamera or videocamera. I made a quite simple design, just a plug bought in auto center, two wires and a fuse. It is directly plugged on battery, so, just take care to not let something plugged all night long.


If you have some payload, a passenger or both, inflate your tires a bit more (see user's manual), and make rear suspension spring pre load a bit harder.


Or how to not waste one holidays day in a garage. Check before you go that service schedule is OK, and make some operations before you go in order to avoid doing it on your way. Same idea : change temporarly some elements (tire, brake bads, chain drive) if you have any doubt.

Now, you just have to check oil, coolant and brake flud levels and you can go.